Welcome to the New

Hello and welcome to The All and the Every, an overly ambitious urbanism blog with (as the name suggests) a bit of everything.  I previously blogged over at tumblr but have decided to give WordPress a whirl and will move some of my content over.  I’ve also started co-writing a blog project with my girlfriend Grace, who is another story altogether.  More on that as well once we are up and running!

As for me I am a 25 year old Urban Planning student from Sydney graduating at the end of 2013.  I’ve learnt so much since I began a degree in the built environment and I am still learning and absorbing every day.  See, I’m one of those sponge-like people that seems to absorb large quantities of ideas and information, to the point where sometimes I can barely hear myself think I’ve got that many theories, projects, thoughts and quotes buzzing around in my brain.  Trust me, it is a blessing and a curse (much more of a curse actually!).

For the most part my thoughts centre on being excited and positive about the challenges that contemporary urban living presents to us.  For me, it is about finding a balance and living sustainably, creatively and happily in the city, with all the obstacles and challenges it throws us!  And I do think these challenges require us to live, think and consume differently.  I would like to encourage more open and honest brainstorming both in my local community and in the wider blog-o-sphere about what we can do to start making some changes.

My aim for this blog is to document my thoughts on considered urban living and to delve into the myriad of events, activities and ideas that this way of life presents for us city lovers.  Simple living and green living isn’t just for country dwellers, ‘tree-changers’ and River Cottage style mega-sustainability-initiatives.  In fact for most of us that way of life is a far off ideal, and personally I’m far too besotted with the hustle, bustle and gorgeous urban complexity of the city to give up the ghost and don my CWA apron.  I think it is becoming really important to refocus the ‘back to earth’ dialogue on urban communities, especially considering the majority of the world’s population now lives in urban areas with these numbers set to skyrocket.

Besides all this- as a home, a community, a spectacle-  the city deserves plenty of love letters.  These are just mine.  As the Lloyd Rees Quote outside Sydney Town Hall says-

“The City is the greatest work of Art”.


View of Sydney skyline from Queens Park at Dusk

View from Queens Park at Dusk


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