High School Drama Pays Off- finally!

Following on from my earlier post I give you (drrrrrrrumroll) the much anticipated Nurse Teach Reach video complete with a brief cameo from the All and the Every.  This video was made by Nurse Teach Reach founder Lucy together with myself and the amazing Elle Fredericksen, a young up and coming Sydney film maker/producer.  Special mention to Daniel Anderson and Amanda Ghorra for their help as well!  We filmed it in Camperdown Park, Newtown on a sunny day- one of those days where everything just falls together nicely apart from the odd quizzical stare from passers by. 😀

Check out Elle’s other stuff on Vimeo here, in particular the Mardi Gras 2013 video which involved more Go-Pros then you can poke a stick at, and even more excitable homos then that.  Which is so many I don’t even want to think about it.  Elle only shuddered when asked her how many hours of footage she had to cut down to make into a just over 6 minute clip.  But oh my isn’t she clever.  Thanks Elle- you rock.

The video really speaks for itself, happy watching!  Remember if you would like to donate to Nurse Teach Reach hit up the website here. 


Till next time

Emma x


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